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While we do not offer returns, we take great care to ensure that each saree undergoes a stringent quality check process before it reaches you. This process guarantees that you receive the finest quality product, crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Our Quality Check Process:

  1. Incoming Material Inspection:

    • Examine the raw silk materials under proper lighting to identify any inconsistencies in color, texture, or sheen. Use magnification tools to inspect for small defects like snags or irregularities in the weave. Record and document any issues for supplier feedback and tracking.
  2. Design and Pattern Verification:

    • Compare the physical saree to the design and pattern specifications using magnifying glasses or digital imaging. Check for accurate placement of intricate patterns, alignment of borders, and any potential discrepancies that could affect the final appearance.
  3. Color Fastness Test:

    • Perform multiple rounds of colorfastness tests when dyeing raw silks using different water temperatures and detergents. Monitor the fabric for any signs of color bleeding or fading during each test cycle to ensure that the saree can withstand various washing conditions.
  4. Seam and Stitch Check:

    • Evaluate the stitching quality under magnification, paying close attention to seam allowances, stitch length, and tension. Perform strength tests by subjecting seams to controlled stress to ensure they can withstand reasonable wear and tear.
  5. Sizing Accuracy Test:

    • Utilize precision measuring tools such as digital calipers to measure the saree’s length, width, and other dimensions. Calculate the percentage deviation from the specified measurements and establish acceptable tolerances.
  6. Finishing Examination:

    • Employ magnifying glasses and lightboxes to inspect the finer details of finishing, such as the cleanliness of edges, the alignment of hems, and the consistency of pleat folds. Evaluate the texture and feel of the fabric to ensure a luxurious touch.
  7. Packaging Inspection:

    • Evaluate the packaging’s structural integrity and visual appeal. Assess the folding techniques used to prevent creasing during transit, and confirm that the packaging materials are eco-friendly and aligned with the brand’s sustainability efforts.
  8. Barcode and SKU Verification:

    • Scan the barcode using a barcode scanner and cross-check it against the SKU in the inventory database. Ensure that the correct product information is retrieved, and verify that the product’s attributes and pricing match the system records.
  9. User Manual and Care Instructions Review:

    • Review the user manual for clarity, language, and completeness. Verify that care instructions encompass washing guidelines, storage recommendations, and tips for maintaining the saree’s original appearance over time.
  10. Online Listing Review:

    • Regularly compare the product listings to the actual sarees to confirm that images accurately represent the colors, textures, and design patterns. Update listings promptly when there are new releases or changes in design.
  11. Customer Feedback Monitoring:

    • Analyze customer feedback using sentiment analysis tools to categorize positive and negative sentiments. Identify trends and common issues reported by customers to prioritize improvements in specific areas of quality and service.
  12. Random Sample Checks:

    • Randomly select finished sarees at various stages of production for detailed inspections. Document the results of these checks to track the consistency of quality over time and to make necessary adjustments to the production process.

Cancellation Policy:

When you select products and complete the payment process on our website, your order is considered confirmed. Should you wish to cancel an order, you can initiate the cancellation process by contacting us over the phone or through email. Please note that cancellations can only be processed if we receive your communication and acknowledge it before the items are dispatched.

Once we accept an order cancellation, we will initiate the refund process to your credit card account. Please keep in mind that all refund transactions are subject to standard banking procedures. We strive to ensure a seamless cancellation experience, aligning with your needs while maintaining the necessary financial protocols.

Common Weaving Characteristics:

Our woven sarees possess distinctive traits that reflect the authenticity of handcrafted artistry. These traits include:

  1. Warp Streaks:

    • Occasional variations in the warp threads, adding uniqueness to the weave.
  2. Reediness:

    • Delicate variations caused by the interaction of threads, showcasing the manual weaving process.
  3. Weft Bar:

    • Subtle horizontal lines, a result of weaving variations that underscore the saree’s genuine charm.
  4. Weft Crack:

    • Intermittent irregularities that echo the human touch, capturing the essence of craftsmanship.
  5. Thick and Thin Places:

    • Occasional fluctuations in thread thickness, enhancing the saree’s character and texture.
  6. Weft Loops:

    • Small loops that contribute to the fabric’s tactile and visual allure, emphasizing its handwoven nature.

These traits are integral to the artisanal weaving process and are not indicative of damage. They embody the authentic beauty of our sarees, making each piece a unique work of art.


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