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Video Shopping

Wondering how can you get a retail kind of experince when buying sarees online?

You are in the right place…

When buying sarees online, usually it will be difficult to buy the saree just by looking at the saree Images and videos. 

You will need a visual experience, to see flow and the beauty of the saree!

Visual experience is an important decision making factor when buying saree or anything exclusive and expensive!

But, when shopping online do you actually get to have that visual experience?

Images and videos to an extent help you get that experience, but can it beat the live visual experience?


Introducing Video Shopping!

By Video Shopping we mean, giving you a visual experience that you can only experience when you physically visit a retail outlet!

What can you expect from this video shopping experience?

  • You will get to have a visual treat, seeing our sarees live on video conference!
  • You can request us to show the sarees in any angle that you want any number of times that you wish for!
  • We will be able to clear any doubts that you have regarding the sarees, or our business. 
  • You will receive personalised recommendations based on your preferences and style, helping you find the perfect saree for your needs.
  • Live Demonstration of sarees and how they look when you wear them. 
  • We give you recommendations for styling the sarees – different draping styles, types of jewellery to use from our styling experts. 
  • A live tour of our factory where all the magic happens.  

To Get Your FREE VIDEO SHOPPING VISUAL EXPERIENCE, all you need to do is follow the below steps!

  • Step 1: Visit our shop page, list down all the products that you want to have a visual experience. 
  • Step 2: From our menu bar, you can click on the Video Shopping hyperlink. 
  • Step 3: At the end of this page you will find a form in which you will have to enter your personal details, date and time of your preference to have the visual experience.
  • Step 4: Submit the form and you are all set. 

Post Submission you will get an email and WhatsApp message with the date, time and link for the visual experience!  

Requirements from your end to have an eventful visual experience: 

  • You should have a stable network to get high quality visuals, your experience will depend on the strength of your network. Make sure you have a stable connection. 
  • Its recommended that you are in a quite place throughout the visual experience for the best possible experience. 
  • Make sure the list of sarees are clearly mentioned for the smooth experience. 
  • You are requested to maintain the decorum of the event, employees of Sampradaay have the right to cancel the event incase of any misconduct from your side. 

Now that you know what to expect and how the entire process of your visual treat will work, Let’s dive now to getting your form filled!

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